The Canny Capercaillie is alive and well!

21 May 2022

The  Canny Capercaillie is at last available to buy! 24 full colour illustrations of the adventures of the creatures in the Caledonian Forest. And you can join in with the sounds of the forest and the animals to make them come alive! Have a look in the gallery to see some examples of the pages.

Post-Covid Plans

February 3rd 2022

 After almost two years of Zoom sessions instead of face-to-face workshops I can at last say that I'm back! Although I can no longer offer block bookings due to changed circumstances (=increasing amounts of grandchildren...) I am still delighted to offer single events or regular monthly slots. Community fun days, parties, group workshops...please get in touch!

The Canny Capercaillie

23 October 2021

Book number two is on the way! The Canny Capercaillie is an interactive multisensory story set in the ancient Caledonian Forest that used to cover an enormous area of Scotland. The characters of Capercaillie, Elk, Beaver and Wolf weave a story of the natural order of life, of resilience, and of friendship. Meant to be finished in time for sale at Christmas but life has got in the way and it'll be available next year!

The Brownie of the Butter Burn

October 4th 2020

I wrote and illustrated a book! 'The Brownie of the Butter Burn' is a Scottish faerie story for children, about three cousins and their adventures in the woods at the bottom of their Gramma's garden. Copies are available to buy, send me an email!

Animal portraits

August 14th 2020

Since Covid has stopped all external workshops, I've been closeted away in the studio painting portraits of animals on demand! Dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens and horses so far...A popular idea for Christmas presents!


June 16th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all studio workshops and ArtBeam sessions have sadly had to be cancelled till further notice.

However, as we begin to ease out of lockdown, I'm delighted to be able to offer individual studio workshops, providing hand sanitiser, face visors and a full studio clean between sessions. Workspaces are 2 metres apart. 

Interactive story-telling and music videos can be found here, on YouTube and on my Freerange ArtFarm Facebook page. 

Low Parks Museum

August 22nd 2019

I'm delighted to be collaborating with Hamilton Low Parks Museum on their 'Visions for the Mind' exhibition. I'll be working with two groups, SAIL Autism and Primary 3 of Chatelherault Primary School, to create soundscapes to their chosen image from the exhibition. Canny wait!

Road trip!

August 15th 2019

Went a road trip to Orkney to do ArtBeam workshops for the Lifestyles group at the Pickaquoy Centre. Fabulous experience! I'll be back :)

Lifestyles Centres

July 18, 2019

Delighted to now be delivering ArtBeam workshops to three different Lifestyles Centres: Murray Owen, Fairhill and Eastfield.

Alcoholic ArtFarm Summer Season!

April 14th 2019

Join us on a (hopefully!) balmy summer evening in the studio for a sociably creative workshop, partaking of a wee dram or two while we work. Ideal as a gift, a night out with your pals, or for those who feel a bit uptight about letting their creativity loose! Step by step instruction. Details on the Workshops page.

Teeny ArtFarm

April 10th 2019

After numerous prompts I trialled an ArtBeam session for babies and toddlers in the lovely surroundings of East Kilbride Arts Centre. This proved to be very successful (I did try it out on my 10 month old grandson first!) and I had lovely feedback from the mummies of all the wee participants. It will be happening again during the school summer holidays, date to be confirmed.

ArtBeam updates

March 17th 2019

Well the ArtBeam workshops are certainly proving successful! I am so grateful to the schools and community groups who have invited me to work with them. The great news is that it is continuing to grow at fantastic speed, and I'm delighted to be working with more and more groups. Word of mouth is a tremendous boost so if you've got something good to say about me please spread it about!!

Big Changes!

July 26th, 2018

At the end of June I took the plunge and left my 'proper job' to focus all my energies on the ArtFarm. Gulp! in particular the ArtBeam workshops, which I'm delighted to say are becoming very popular, and I have contracts with three schools for the next year. Still got spaces though! So if you're interested in trying them out with your group or class, get in touch!

Happy New Year!

January 4th 2018

Looking forward to the start of  all that 2018 has to offer! January begins with Mindfulness Art workshops and the reconvening of our Knits and Knots sessions. And I'm very excited to be delivering seven weeks of Saturday workshops to my good friend Kasia's Polish school - a combination of storytelling, art, music and ArtBeam activities on the theme of Scottish Myths and legends.


October 26, 2017

I'm delighted to add a set of storytelling expressive arts workshops using art, music, puppetry and Soundbeam 6 technology. Soundbeam is a system of switches and beams which are used in music-making activities to create sound stories around a theme, eg Scottish Myths and Legends.  This gives access to music-making to all learners, regardless of ability, and is particularly suited to groups of children or young adults with complex additional support needs.

The workshops can be adapted to suit Early Years, lower mainstream primary, EAL or inclusive children's groups. Plans are in place to extend these to adult groups, eg dementia or day centres.

Wee Summer ArtFarm

August 13 2017

During the summer holidays the studio was transformed into a circus tent and was buzzing with excitement for five days of storytelling, art and music making. The four participants read 'Last Night I Dreamed a Circus' by Maya Gottfried, and we painted colourful circus banners, chose percussion instruments to represent the sounds in the story, made fabulous carnival masks, and illustrated our favourite parts of the story. On the last day we performed our sound story to a very appreciative audience of family and friends. A great time was had by all!

Teenage ArtFarm

August 13 2017

From November 2017 I'm looking forward to beginning Saturday morning art workshops for young people aged 11-15, covering drawing techniques, painting and illustration, mixed media and mindfulness art. Please get in touch if you know someone who might be interested!

ArtFarm Gift Vouchers

August 10 2017

The answer for those hard-to-find-a-gift-for loved ones! (Or, you could always ask for one of your own...) Personalised gift vouchers are available, which you can print yourself. Have a look at the calendars for upcoming events; workshops are negotiable, I'm very flexible :)

Daytime workshops

August 8, 2017

From September 2017 I'm really excited to offer a variety of daytime workshops on Thursdays and a new self-directed art class on Fridays. See the events page for details.

Kilbryde Hospice

August 7 2017

In our Knits and Knots groups we're going to be inviting you to support Kilbryde Hospice in East Kilbride by making Christmas items for them to sell at their Christmas Craft Fayre. All contributions welcome!

Freerange ArtFarm on Tour!

August 6 2017

Very excited about this! Invite me to your group! It's an opportunity to hear descriptions of the background and purpose of the ArtFarm, as well as see examples of artwork and activities from workshops, and take part in some hands-on art experiences. This can also be an excellent method of providing stress relief in the workplace! If you organise or are part of a group who might be interested please get in touch.